Simplifying local marketing in Tallahassee

Simplifying local marketing in Tallahassee


From Gaines Street to the Governor's Mansion, Tallahassee is where the action is.

Tallahassee is definitely a college town. It is home to one of the biggest historically black colleges in the U.S., a top-tier public university, and a bustling community college system. It's also the seat of Florida's state government and has a thriving professional community.


A local scene this good deserves great digital marketing.

Maybe your business caters to attorneys and state employees. Maybe free-spirited college kids are more your speed. Either way, LOCALiQ can help. We offer everything from PPC marketing solutions to YouTube ads, and back it up with the local expertise to help you stand out in Tallahassee.


The Tallahassee Democrat is Tallahassee's hometown paper and is where locals turn for everything from coverage on the Florida State Capitol to last night's 'Noles and Rattlers scores. We cover Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson, and Wakulla counties, and have been at it since 1905.

Meet your Tallahassee audience

Scarborough Research
Market Population (18+) 588,728
Median Age 45
Average HH Income $57,068
Some College
Home Owner

Our team combines creative chops with community expertise and technical know-how.

As your trusted digital marketing agency in Tallahassee, we have the technical solutions, the consumer data insights, and the creative touch to help you take your brand to the next level. Are you ready to get started?


Tallahasseeans read the more local news online than any of our Florida markets, with 36% having done so in the last 30 days.

Scarborough Research

Veto the competition.

Are you ready to make your next power move?


Meet our LOCALiQ Grader.

Is your digital marketing a stud or a dud? Let's find out. Our LOCALiQ Grader scores how you’re showing up online and compares you to the competition. From there, our experts analyze the data and send you a customized strategic plan.


In digital marketing, every day is game day.

If you want to win, you've gotta show up, right? Our smart tech can help you find new markets, reconnect with old markets, and give your business an online presence you can be proud of. Tallahassee is a competitive place, but with an informed game plan you'll go far.


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